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A Unique Business,

A World Class Reputation

Andrew Stephenson is the worlds leading expert on Leaf Cutting Ant husbandry………

We are the worlds leading professional Leaf Cutting Ant exhibit installer.

Whether you are looking for a home study set up or a major display for a zoo or Theme Park, this is the place you need to be. Andrew Stephenson heads up a team of zoologists who will take your requirements and build the perfect display for you. We have worked on Leaf Cuttng Ant displays in Canada, Germany, Sweden, Spain, South Korea, Italy and countless other locations. We have installed Leaf Cutting Ants in public toilets (Twycross Zoo, lower roght picture) and we have build an entire studio set for the BBC for their documentary 'Planet Ants'.

Recently we have installed a colony of ants into a Marketing Company in central London and we supply around 300 colonies of ants per year to Zoos and other clients around the world.

The biggest advantage we have, as well as being the leading authorities on Leaf Cutting Ant husbandry, is that we have an inhouse team who can take our design and create the finished display in any setting, anywhere in the world.

Guaranteed Live Arrival!

If we hand deliver to you, anywhere in the world, we guarantee live delivery.

Leaf Cutting Ants are perfect for:-

Corporate Identity at exhibitions where unusual signage using ants can attract more people to your message.

Focal attraction at a Butterfly House or invertebrate based tourist attraction

Incorporating into an existing Exotic Animal exhibit such as a Tropical House or a Reptile and Amphibian department.

In Museums having a live exhibit can bring everything to Life. Our ants are in The Natural History Museum in London and the National Museum of Scotland. We were the only live exhibit in the Millenium Dome 15 years ago.

In Schools. We have a lot of colonies currently set up in schools around the country. They are the perfect teaching aid for many aspects of the Science course and also provide an invaluable research tool for advanced Biology projects.

Private Hobbyists. Perhaps the most satisfying feedback we get is from people who buy a colony of ants and, sometimes , a setup, and then let us know how their colony is coming on. Lots of people with an interest in Snakes or Spiders and other exotics develop an interest in the type of ants. Once they have them they realise that, unlike the other animals they keep, there is never a time when they look at their colony and do not see activity. The ants are either gathering leaves, attending to house keeping duties, feeding the queen or making fungus, but normally they are doing all of these. It is an argument I have had with many spider enthusiasts that, once you have kept Leaf Cutting Ants, having a pet that moves once a year just wont do it for you any more.

Planet Ant, Life Inside The Colony.

A major BBC documentary.

Andrew Stephenson was Project Manager and Consultant on this film as well as personally building the entire studio set and travelling to Trinidad to collect 1 million Leaf Cutting Ants, Atta cephalotes, and transporting them, together with the Queen and fungus / brood, back to Glasgow where they were successfully established and filmed over a 3 month period.

Collecting Atta cephalotes in Trinidad

Leaf Cutting Ants supplied to

Terra Natura Zoo, Benidorm, Spain

The studio setup, built by Andrew Stephenson, filmed for the BBC documentary, ‘Planet Ants’

Andrew Stephenson beside huge Atta nest in Trinidad

Andrew and Asha (who is from Trinidad) together in their own ‘Rainforest Glasshouse’, built in their garden.

About Us!

For 25 years Andrew Stephenson has been establishing a unique service and supply business. No one back then realised that Leaf Cutting Ants would be such a great exhibit animal. They are by far the most impressive invertebrate to exhibit and carry with them a host of fascinating facts and educational possibilities. Very quickly Andrew demonstrated that providing a reliable and consistent source of Leaf Cutting Ants together with a comprehensive install and set up service meant that establishments around the world began contacting and asking for supply. Now in 2016 alone, Andrew has visited in the region of different 20 countries. From the only live exhibit in the Millennium Dome to a million ants for the BBC documentary ‘Planet Ants’  (see below), Andrew has been instrumental in the past two decades for placing Leaf Cutting Ants in the centre of all of the top quality animal displays around the world.