Now you have chosen Atta, with an all in one ‘Self Contained’ display case housing nest, walkway and feeding area within one exhibition unit.

A. The Basic Unit.

This unit is fitted with heating and humidification. It is fully fit for purpose and maintains the nest, foraging and leaf cutting areas at the correct temperature and humidity to guarantee that your colony will thrive. As with all of the units we supply, this setup is covered by our 12 month guarantee against the loss of the colony. Under the terms of this guarantee we will replace a lost colony with a free colony to ensure your display continues uninterrupted.

Choice No 3.

You can now choose between a unit that fully caters for all of the life support requirements of the colony of Atta and allows you to maintain temperature and humidity within the nest and in the foraging space at the perfect level, our basic model, or you can add a layer of remote monitoring whereby the unit carries out humidification, temperature and humidity monitoring and checks on the colony automatically, via enhanced equipment and wifi enabled checks from our head office daily to ensure temperature, humidity and moisture in the nest media is where it should be. This is our latest model with enhanced services.

B. The unit is built in the same way as above however the level of spec supplied takes things to another level. Whilst the basic unit, above, requires watering and checks on all parameters as part of the daily care regime, this version is entirely automated. Humidity, temperature, water moisture in the substrate, activity and colony health are all automatically monitored, adjusted and maintained at optimal level. The unit is connected, via wifi, to our monitoring hub where daily checks are made and adjustments automatically carried out. We fit a wifi connected water computer which adds water to the soil in order to keep the nest area perfect and mists the surface daily. There are 2 wifi cameras to enable activity to be monitored. Each day (initially twice per day) our staff log in to your exhibit and check all parameters. A call can be made so any problems can be addressed by your staff, or a site visit can be arranged to correct any issues that have occurred. The level of cover and input by us is determined by your experience and budget. This is a state of the art setup providing the maximum peace of mind and the optimal conditions for your display at all times.