Not new but back after a long break

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Not new but back after a long break

Post by Daubz1977 » Mon Jun 15, 2020 5:42 pm

Hello all
I'm looking into getting some new atta cephalotes but I really want to get my setup all perfect and cycle it for a while before I actually get them. I'm back on here to research what others are doing and what works, so any advice would be amazing. My current plan is an aquarium or a custom made perspex box with water in the bottom a aquarium heater.
ants i keep:-
Atta cephalotes
Polyrhachis dives
Camponotus cruentatus
Camponotus ligniperdus
Camponotus barbaricus
Formica cunicularia
Messor barbarus
Lasius niger

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Re: Not new but back after a long break

Post by Cheew » Mon Jun 15, 2020 8:14 pm

Hi there. I'm no expert but I do have mine in an aquarium. I would think hard how you will provide them somewhere to use as a dump that is lower than their nest. Mine started dumping in the water and it's disgusting in less than a week. So much so I'm going to get them out of the aquarium for the summer and get then onto some cabinets with tubing etc.

Good to hear someone on the forum.

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