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Below are some examples of what is possible with Leaf Cutters making them the best attraction, where ever they are exhibited!

We built this amazing set for the BBC documentary ‘Planet Ant, Life Inside the Colony’. Over 6 months Andrew also project managed the entire production!

The colony of Atta cephalotes was collected in Trinidad and flown to Glasgow, Scotland, where they were introduced to our huge display.

BBC Documentary, ‘Planet Ant, Life Inside the Colony’

Stunning lighting and an amazing design meant the finished effect for the film looked incredible. Planet Ant, Life Inside the Colony won international awards for the production. It has been shown in most countries around the world and there is currently talk of a followup programme. Watch this space!!

We make artificial rock and can theme any large exhibit from building and wiring / equipment right through to stocking and training. Here a cave has been created to frame a reptile department at a UK zoo. It feels like the visitor is walking underground and each display is integrated into the overall cave design. We can also build Aztec temples, rockwork and cliff faces. Our team will form ponds and waterfalls. Check out www.tropicalhouse.co.uk.

Other Work……….

Our team have also built huge walk through aviaries, small animal enclosures and fitted out animal care departments within colleges and quarantine stations.

If you have a project in mind, whether with or without Leaf Cutting Ants, please Contact Us, either by phone or email and we will discuss your requirements and come up with some ideas to make your exhibit the best it can be.

Massive colony of Acromyrmex octospinosis installed in one of our custom built exhibits. The nest is positioned within the fake rock structure at one end and the coil of rope means a distance of around 50m can be travelled by the ants even although the overall length of the display is only 4m.

As an attraction, Leaf Cutting Ants are difficult to beat. We have built our displays alongside large animal exhibits in major zoos and still our ant display comes out on top in terms of visitor feedback!

Our team will travel to you, world wide, and create a fantastic spectacle wich will be the centre piece of your attraction. Here we have made a feeding station at one end and used hidden lighting to create a stunning effect!

Lakes Aquarium Install

Pictures and Film of some installations we have supplied over the past few years.

This colony of Atta were set up in Five Sisters Zoo, Scotland, two years ago.  The growth of this colony was achieved by providing massive space for fungus gardens and access to unlimited leaves to cut. The results, reached in 24 months, can be seen in the film. Keeping Atta in smaller displays will limit their eventual size but there will be difficulties if they are not given access to sufficient leaf material and space. They will spend a great deal of time trying to escape.