Finding suitable leaves and other vegetation in winter can be a challenge. In city locations this can be true all year round. When a zoo or other public display needs a ready and changing supply of fresh leaves each day the cost of sending keeping staff to locate these can accumulate. In our experience often what happens is this is supplemented with easier items such as apple and orange, and often the same leaves are used over a long period, which is not best practice. In general leaf cutters like to vary the target plant from day to day. Feeding the same leaves each day lessens their enthusiasm to forage with the same energy as time goes on. In the wild they change their target plants so as not to overforage and kill any specific tree or bush within range of the nest. Doing so would be a disaster for the colony, living in the same area for up to 20 years, the space around them would become a desert if they didnt manage their foraging. So in order to replicate this in captivity it is best to offer them different leaf material each day.

LeafCuttingAnts.com are pleased to offer our new service. We can supply bunches of leaves to you once per week, separately packaged in a box containing seven bags, each one to be used over the week prior to the next one arriving. We select suitable forage and make up the weeks menu for your colony. All you do is keep the leaves cool and open each new bag in time for feeding.


The weeks provisions will arrive each Friday for use starting on the Saturday.

This service is perfect for any public display colony where time to find suitable leaves is not always available and the convenience of having a week of food at a time arrive makes the task of feeding the ants more efficient and quick.

Hazel (Seasonal) Sycamore (Seasonal) Dandelion (Seasonal) Bramble (Year Round) Laurel (Year Round) Oak (Seasonal) Docking Leaf (Seasonal) Rhododendron (Year Round) Vinca (Periwinkle) (Year Round) Rose (Year Round) Hawthorn (Seasonal) Chestnut (Seasonal) Privet (Ligustrum) (Year Round) Rowan (Seasonal) Rosebay Willow Herb (Seasonal) Elderflower Leaves (Seasonal)

How To Order.

Simply get in touch with us, let us know the size of your colony and where you are. We will give you a prices and then you will start to receive bundles of forage from us from then on. Couldn’t be easier.



Variegated Laurel (Croton) Aucuba

(Year Round)