A fully


remote service to take

the strain and worry

out of keeping leaf

cutters for public display!!

We install equipment that

monitors the health of your

display, waters the soil, keeps

humidity and temperature

at the correct level and even

sends information back to us

in order that we might make

adjustments to your display from

our HQ!!

We install wifi cameras

overlooking the nest activity

and the equipment

allowing us to determine

how things are going at all

times. Should any

issues arise then we can

either Contact

you or visit


Our original concept for this new design showed a steel framed base containing various equipment with pipes and wires going through the bottom of the tank into a soil filled nest tank above.The overall unit was designed to be around 1500mm high, with around 500mm allowed for the base. Within this equipment cupboard would be housed a filter to keep the water in the moat free from debris, the most common source of bridges across the water; a chiller and heating unit to cool down and heat up the nest, depending on requirements. Also two taps, plumbed into mains water, both connected to water computers, one to mist the surface with rain from above, and one to water the soil when the automatic soil probes indicated that the nest media was too dry. Within the nest tank there would be a long coil of flexible pipe

running through the soil. This is connected to the cooling/heating system and to a thermostat which determines if the nest is too hot or too cold. All of these systems are remotely monitored via a wifi enabled app back at our base allowing us to check at any time on the health and setup of your nest. Finally there are two cameras keeping watch on everything so, although you are there beside your nest, we can let you know if there are any issues and help determine what best to do.

If you would like details of how this system would work for you then please contact us here and we will discuss this and come up with a costed plan for your consideration.

Fully Automated Maintenance         and Monitoring System!