Ethical collecting and


We dont dig any colonies up from natural un spoilt rainforests. In fact the process we carry out allows you to exhibit our ants and tell your visitors how the ants were collected.

Heres how it works.

We have farmers who we have worked with for years. These farmers used to spray their fields prior to planting their crops to kill the leaf cutters that were there.  Once we came along we were able to persuade the farmers to stop spraying all together. So now we visit 3-4 times per years and pay the farmers to show us where the colonies are. This means the farmers earn an extra income for something that was previously a pest, they become organic farmers and do not use chemical pesticides any more, every colony we export would otherwise have been killed and so its a win win for everyone, including the ants!!

We are the only ant supplier who transports our livestock legally. Our ants fly by air cargo having undergone an inspection in their country of origin. We obtain a collecting permit whilst in country, an export permit from the originating state, and we land them into the EU with the benefit of an EU vets certificate to show they have been packed and transported ethically, that they show no signs of distress on landing, and that their presence in the EU is legal and safe.

When we sell our colonies we include a copy of this paperwork with them for your records.

All together a great pathway, all the way from their nest in the tropics to the exhibition in your establishment.