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At LeafCuttingAnts.com we offer a complete service to you.  As the worlds leading supplier of Leaf Cutting Ant colonies, Andrew Stephenson has a track record second to none in successful sourcing and supply of these amazing herbivores. From the pressure of locating a live Queen within a super sized nest of one million ants, live on camera, in Central America, to the task of supplying the only live exhibit in the seminal Millenium Dome of 2000 in London, Andrew brings many years of success to bear on any project he is involved in. From sourcing, transporting, installing, training and consulting, we are the only effective choice.

When planning a display of any kind, you need to know that everything will be where it is supposed to be, when you need it.

When its something as specialist as Leaf Cutting Ants (possibly the most impressive invertebrate species to display to the public) this becomes even more critical.

We pride ourselves on the network of agents and key people that we employ to get healthy ants to you on time.

The key stages in our process are as follows.

1. We collect colonies from the wild. It is not possible to breed Leaf Cutting Ants in captivity. So we have established a network of farmers who normally would spray the boundaries of their fields to eliminate Leaf Cutting Ants prior to planting their crops. Instead they locate them and when we arrive we dig them up and remove them. Its a win win for us and the farmers.

2. We maintain the colonies in their country of origin until they have fully repaired their nests within the travel containers we have housed them in. We have a purpose built facility for this.

3. Our ants are flown by official cargo, normally with British Airways. This ensures that our customers will receive all of the official paperwork required to show

that the import has been legal and ethical. Regardless of final destination we will nearly always ship our colonies to our base in the UK in order to ensure they recover properly before the final leg of their journey to their final destination at one of our customers facilities.

So we ship our ants through customs and quarantine inspection processes and pay all duties and landing fees. These costs are always reflected in the final price of the colony but for reputable zoological establishments this means that they know the ants have not simply been sneaked through the airports in someones hand luggage or pockets.

4. The ants will complete their journey to you after a period of around 2 weeks quarantine at our own facility in the UK. Then we can either bring the ants to you in person or ship as cargo directly to you.

After a week in South Korea, the ant team were good friends by the end. The ants were badly affected by 55 hours in transit but Andrew worked with this team and by the end of the week all of the Fungus gardens were growing well and the ants were taking leaves collected locally.

If we are coming to your location with the ants we can spend as much time as necessary making sure they are settling in. Because we bring ants from Central America to the UK we are very experienced in ensuring a quick and effective recovery of the colony where the fungus has been extensively damaged as a result of the long journey. In many instances an organisation will arrange the importation of a colony of ants and they will arrive in bad shape. Had Andrew been with the colony they would have survived. It is a good idea to consider this carefully when ordering your ants and looking at the cost of buying them.

For more information on ordering Leaf Cutting Ants from around the world, and the various services we offer, including design and building of Leaf Cutting Ant displays, please Contact Us.

Leaf Cutting Ants delivered to you, anywhere, World Wide.

No matter where you are we can supply you with Leaf Cutting Ants. Healthy colonies of any size, custom orders, colonies on their own or supplied with housing, sent or delivered, you decide.

Worldwide Consultancy and Supply

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