Pictures Installations completed by us.

Just to give you an idea of the kind of work we can do onsite, please have a browse of the following content.

We travelled by road to Livorno in Italy, a 1300 mile trip from Scotland which took us 2 days and saw us travel along the border of Switzerland, up into the Alps, through Mont Blanc and down the other side into Italy. As we drove through the mountains we became amazed at the engineering feat that was the tunnels through the mountains. There were 110 tunnels longer than 100m! Just incredible. I will remember the views for ever.

The brief was to build a new type of nest tank like a giant formicarium. This was 2.4m long, 1m high and only 200mm front to back so the fungus gardens would be seen. Once filled with soil I think this looked amazing. The client also wanted two feeding stations and two walkways, each one around 30m. In some instances these walkways travelled through the inside of existing enclosures to direct the visitors attention towards the animals inside.

We were there for 3 days and then travelled home over a further 2 days. It cost £650 in road tolls!!

Dudley Zoo was a pleasure to do. The team working with Rich, the curator, were fabulous and very helpful. This job looked great on completion and allowed us to do some new things such as the wall mounted walk board. This is one to visit if you can.

A major Leaf Cutting Ant display in the foyer or a top University. That was a challenge fit for anyone.

The brief was to have a self contained display which would captivate and capture the attention of the hundreds of people passing through this building every day. We opted for a bright, fully themed, printed unit with nest at one end and feeding platforms at the other.

This is a very striking unit with lots of drama. I hear it is fulfilling the brief very well!!

Blair Drummond Safari Park wanted to ensure that when people made the walk to the elephant house there would always be something to see, even if the elephants were outside.

As a result they asked us to build an enclosure for leaf cutters. The pictures below tell this story…..

A leading medical research laboratory in Paris. The top scientist there has a passion for ants. Thats an intriguing possibility so we packed our van and drove to Paris!

Two days later and the ants were set up in what must be one of the most unusual displays we have ever done!

A science centre for kids.

Experiments and screaming school children running around. And a leaf cutting ant setup. Not a mix made in heaven but the area selected for this display meant we could do something spectacular.

The area was separated away from the main centre, and the design that was chosen was to build a long, narrow tank with a short walkway so all of the action was taking place in a very small amount of space.

In the end I think it looks amazing, it is secure against interference, and supplies the ants with everything they would need to thrive.

Being asked to set up a colony of leaf cutters in a public location is quite a lot of pressure; being asked to set up 2 colonies and have them walk through an Aztec wall around a restaurant at one of the UK’s leading tourist attractions takes it to a whole new level!