www.leafcuttingants.com are offering colonies of leaf cutting ants for general sale in UK. Outwith UK we supply public displays such as zoos, museums etc, as well as resellers. If you are outwith the UK and wish to buy a colony of leaf cutters please contact us with your location and we will tell you where your nearest stockist is located or if we can supply you ourselves. If you are still to build your display, please take a look at our Display Options page to clarify what kind of exhibit would best suit your needs.

All our colonies are collected as small nests from the wild when they are approximately 8 months to 1 year old. At this stage they have a fungus garden around the size of a golf ball, around 100 workers, a queen and visible brood. Sizes larger than this are reared by us at our UK facility.

All colonies are imported legally into the EU, they are supplied with paperwork to show ethical and legal collection and transportation, and they are fully quarantined.

Our colonies are not collected from the rainforest or any un spoilt area. We pay farmers not to spray their fields in the areas we collect from. We visit several times each year and harvest the colonies. In this way the farmers earn extra money for something that was previously a drain on their yield and we are able to offer colonies of leaf cutters for sale that otherwise would have been destroyed. A truly ethical, sustainable source of supply.

Colony is around 1 year old. Fungus around the size of a golf ball with approx. 100 workers, a queen and visible brood. Fungus will be dark in colour, may be a little broken up on arrival but will be repaired within a few days.

Atta cephalotes, small


Colony is medium. Fungus is around size of orange / tennis ball. There will be 200-400 workers, lots of brood, a queen and clear signs of recent addition to the fungus which will be dark and healthy. We will have raised this colony in our facility for around 4 months from when it was first imported. Colonies of this size are ideal starter colonies because they are past early loss stage that can happen with smaller colonies should conditions not be ideal.

Atta cephalotes, medium


Colony is large, fungus is approx. size of small melon. There will be well in excess of 1000 workers, lots of brood and queen will be visible. Colony is ideal for starting a public display, although not big enough to show strong foraging activity over a long walkway.

Atta cephalotes, large


Small Atta sexdens colony, collected by us, available from stock. These colonies will have healthy fungus, up to 50 workers and an active aggressive queen. We have had these colonies in stock for a month or two so they are looking great!

Atta sexdens, small


Small Atta sexdens colony, collected by us, available from stock. These colonies will have healthy fungus, up to 200 workers and an active aggressive queen. Grown on colonies past the danger stage, ideal for something a little different. To the best of our knowledge this is the first time these have been offered for sale in UK.

Atta sexdens, medium


Very small colony of Acromyrmex octospinosus. This colony is in the very early stages of development, but will grow quickly in the correct conditions. As always we provide a live arrival guarantee but we do not recommend this size of Acromyrmex colony for beginners.

Acromyrmex octospinosus, micro


By a long way our best seller of all species we supply. This colony will have a fungus garden the size of a golf ball, a queen, visible brood and around 100 workers. Most keepers starting out keeping leaf cutters, as well as those with experience, start with this size of Acromyrmex. They quickly move on in size and add to the fungus when kept in correct environmental conditions.

Acromyrmex octospinosus, small


Our medium Acromyrmezx colonies are grown on for 4 months from our small colonies. This means there are very much more ants and the fungus will be around the size of an apple. These are very robust colonies and are fairly bullet proof. You still need to pay attention to the temperature and humidity within the nest, this is critical no matter what species or size of leaf cutting ant colony you keep.

Acromyrmex octospinosus,medium


We do occasionally have larger Acromyrmex octospinosus colonies in stock but normally this is our largest size. The fungus will fill a 1L container and there will be several hundred ants present. Ideal if you are looking for a smaller species that Atta but still want activity from day 1!

Acromyrmex octospinosus, large


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Atta cephalotes, X large


Colony fills a 30cm x 120cm x 20cm clear container with fungus. There will be up to 5000 workers present, this colony will walk on a rope or through a pipe to a feeding area immediately. This is our most commonly sold public display colony and has been reared by us for around a year. There will be soldiers present in large numbers, watch your fingers!

Colony is small and newly established. There will be healthy fungus, dark in colour to show recent addition of leaves. Up to 50 workers, a healthy queen and brood. This size of colony is not recommended other than to experienced keepers, not much needs to go wrong for the fungus to be lost and the colony to die. We recommend the small size as a starting colony but these are available periodically. Please check with us before ordering as to current stock levels.

Atta cephalotes, micro