You have chosen Acromyrmex species Leaf Cutting Ants on the basis that they are best suited to the scale of display you are looking for. This wil be a smaller display, not designed for impact or scale. Ideally this will be for study in a science department or for private study.

Choice No 2.

You must decide whether you are looking to have these ants housed in a self contained tank where the nest walkway and foraging will all take place within one arena, or do you want to separate the action and see the nest in one location and the feeding area in another.

A. Your Acromyrmex colony will be housed within a single display case. This can be of variable design, we can advise you on how to set this up yourself or we can supply you with a specially made unit to exactly fit your requirements.

You have chosen Acromyrmex species leaf cutting ants, housed within a single unit. Your plan will be to house this colony in a display that is small scale and easily managed. The actual unit can be built by you with advice from us or we can supply you with one of our purpose built unit, following consultation between us. You will have an idea of space available to house this display and you can either buy a colony with no housing or contact us to discuss your requirements on 07876825726 or edudisplays@yahoo.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you.

B. You are looking for a colony of leaf cutting ants to display in a public area, or in private but on a large scale.  I would recommend that you look at setting up a display of Atta instead of Acromyrmex. Atta are far better suited for a large display.