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World Wide Leaf Cutting Ant Supplies

Leaf Cutter colonies of any size, hand delivered to you, anywhere in the World. Design and Construction of Public displays, consultation and training, international shipping, paperwork and customs clearance provided.

At LeafCuttingAnts.com we specialise only in Atta and Acromyrmex ants. As a result we have travelled the world installing colonies of these ants. We are also partnered with www.tropicalhouse.co.uk, a company that designs and builds zoo style exhibits in zoos, butterfly gardens, corporate settings and private enthusiasts. So we can provide you not only with the best ants, the best advice and the best service, we can also help you turn your ant colony into a massive attraction for your establishment.

This web site will let you see how a display of Leaf Cuttings Ants can leave a lasting impression on your visitors.

I can send colonies of ants to you world wide but I would rather bring them to where ever you are. That way I can make sure they are healthy and settled and you know, when I leave, that everything is perfect.

Once you have read our pages here why not contact me at the Contact Us page and discuss your requirements either by email or by phoning directly. I very much look forward to hearing from you.

We Collect from the Wild

All our colonies would otherwise be destroyed by farmers. They are all less than 18 months old unless extra large colonies are requested. Colonies are taken to our dedicated facility in Trinidad where they are settled and established before shipping

All our Leaf Cutting Ant Colonies Ants are ethically sourced!

Buy from ethical sources. Our colonies are collected from agricultural land where, under normal circumstances, the farmers spray the ants prior to planting their crops. We pay the farmers not to do this so we bring colonies back to the UK that would otherwise be destroyed. Also all of our colonies are accompanied by the relevant paperwork to show they have been legally imported and safely transported. Border Inspection documentation, vets certificate and Entry into EU paperwork are available for your records at the point of supply.

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Care of Leaf Cutting Ants

World Wide Consultancy and Supply of Leaf Cutting Ants.

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United Arab Emirates,

June 2016

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Blair Drummond Safari Park, Scotland, Jan 2016

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Upcoming Expeditions and Trips 2016

Trinidad Rainforest Explorer Expedition September 2016

Paraguay Leaf Cutting Ant Expedition, February 2017

Butterfly and Reptile Sanctuary, Malaysia, 2016 / 2017

Montreal Insectarium,

Canada, July 2016

We have developed a brand new social insect display, never before offered. Green Tree Ants are Oecophylla smaragdina, these particular ants are found only in Australia. For the first time ever we have managed to obtain an export permit and have brought these amazing insects to our ant room for supply to zoos and butterfly houses around the world. Our new website, www.greentreeants.com will be active very soon. Watch this space!


Check Out our NEW website,


for an exciting and first chance to display a BRAND NEW social insect in your ZOO!!!