New for 2019!!

Welcome to the new upgraded portal for the care, display, supply

and science of Leaf Cutting Ants of the genus Atta and Acromyrmex.

Looking for a display of Leaf Cutters but not sure what species or design would suit your circumstances. Take our interactive questionnaire so you can consider the different options available and decide the best way to exhibit these amazing insects.  

2019 is a huge year for leafcuttingants.com! We will have species available that have never been kept before. We are very excited about the arrival of grass cutting ants from the plains of South America and species previously seen only in pictures from books and the internet. Check out whats in store and when!

If you are looking to stock colonies of leaf cutters or grass cutters, for sale to your customers, please check out our Shop here for current stock and contact us for bulk prices and deals. We hand deliver across Europe!

      This year we launch

 our new housing design

 which incorporates wifi

 connectivity and 24 hour

 remote monitoring of your display by  our team at leafcuttingants HQ.  For  more information

        In a year of new launches, we  can now exclusively offer a forage  delivery service. If you spend too  much time finding suitable leaves

 for  your colony then we can send a  package, once each week, with all  the work done for you. Save pounds  in staff wages and benefit from the

 reliability of a regular delivery of  vegetation direct to your  establishment. To find out more  about this  

                As part of www.leafcuttingants.com’s new operations for  2019 we are offering our clients a service contract whereby we  visit and overhaul your exhibit periodically. To find our more

 about  this about this and if its for you please

This site is designed for the supply of large colonies of leaf cutting ants for exhibition in public displays that are to be viewed

by the pubic. If you are in the UK and want to buy a colony of leaf cutting ants for your own private study then we can supply

you with a colony. Please check out our shop here.

Our 12

month Livestock

Guarantee!!!!! If we install

one of our colonies into an

installation supplied by us and the colony dies within the first year, we will replace the nest you lost with one free of charge. No one else, regardless of species, will give such a promise.

Enhanced Life Support Service Plant forage Service Maintenance contract